Lightweight 3D Printed Protective Face Shield for COVID-19 Healthcare Providers

Lightweight 3D Printed Protective Face Shield for COVID-19 Healthcare Providers

There’s a major shortage of face shields for frontline health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals are looking around for more supply and turning to both manufacturers and the maker community for innovative solutions for mass production.

This face shield (designed by Drake Noffsinger) is an attempt to provide an easy to make and lightweight solution. The main part can be printed on any 3D printer with a minimum 150x150mm print bed which allows more makers to contribute and increase availability of more face shields for their local hospitals. The shield is a sheet of A4 Transparency Film Paper for Laser Printer.


  • Lightweight - A face shield can’t be too heavy because the health workers wear these for hours. This face shield is only 25 grams.
  • Comfort - A face shield has to be comfortable and not too tight. This shield has foam padding against the head and double elastic band.
  • Closed top - A major concern with many designs is the open top. It’s not ideal because droplets from patient sneezing or coughing can make their way in from the top. That’s why this design includes a closed top.
  • Viewing angle - A face shield needs a large unobstructed viewing angle. In this build we use an A4 overhead projector sheet (commonly found in schools and school supplies also known as Transparency film).

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Published 22 Mar 2020

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