About me

Knut Urdalen is a serial tech entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in making digital products. He has worked in industries like Telecom, Advertising, Travel, eCommerce and Social entrepreneurship where he has been involved in anything from Software Development, Product Development, UX Design, Business Development, B2C/B2B Sales, Inbound- and Performance Marketing. He consider himself a ‘forever student’ by learning something new every day.

He is passionate about making something people want and how new technologies can be put to good use.

He currently live in Notodden, Norway with his wife and two boys. When Knut is offline he like to spend time with his family or perform one of his favorite sports - Cycling, Running, Skiing or Orienteering.

Knut is currently running his own company and working as a CTO at Nyby - a new social platform for groups from Norway. Reach out to knut.urdalen@gmail.com to connect!